Reviewed: Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

If you keep up with the latest and greatest in beauty technology, you’ve probably heard of the new-ish Neutrogena Light Therapy line. Neutrogena first came out with their Light Therapy Acne Mask which, to my surprise, received mostly positive reviews. Then, Neutrogena scaled it down by coming out with a targeted Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment for individual pimples and for the purposes of this blog, I decided to try it out.

My breakouts are mostly hormonal in and around my chin area, so I felt the light mask would be a bit of a waste and possibly too harsh for the rest of my face. The pen however, seemed like it would better suit my needs. I’ve been using this spot treatment for almost two months at this point, so I think I am officially qualified to give it a review.

The Claim: “Pop-up pimple? Light is on it. With dermatologist in-office technology, the spot treatment harnesses the power of light therapy to target and treat breakouts fast. This clinically proven two-minute acne spot treatment uses red and blue lights to reduce breakouts without flaking or burning. The easy-to-use portable design is ideal to treat acne anytime-anywhere!”

You press the button, the light comes on, you place the pen it on the pimple and wait for 2 minutes until the light turns off. It’s a pretty straight-forward process.

But does it work? Actually, yes. You’re supposed to use the treatment 3x/day on cleansed, dry skin until the pimple dissipates. I found it a little bit difficult to use it 3x/day, but I found that if you do, that produced the best results. I usually use it on a pimple 1-2x/day and I see small results, nothing miraculous but it’s a pretty useful little tool. It also did not dry out the skin surrounding the breakouts, nor did it irritate the skin at all.

Wrapping this review up, would I recommend trying it? Yes. Can I guarantee it will work for every skin type and every type of acne? No. The best part about this treatment though is that it’s only $19.99USD. At $19.99, at least you didn’t spend a fortune on the product if it doesn’t work for you and you’ve hit the jackpot if it does.

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